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Free Airpod Receive Method

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Option 1

Buy a pair of Airpods on Amazon or Best Best (Gen 1, Gen 2 or PROs version or payment method doesn’t matter)
Wait for your Airpods to arrive before contacting support.
Contact the support team after a day or two via Live Chat or Phone and tell them that your package has been delivered but has never arrived.
They will either look inside and contact you in the next few days, or if the support is nice enough, they will make a full refund on the spot.
In the next few days, a refund will be processed on your original payment and you can enjoy it with your new Airpod couple

Option 2: PARTIAL

Skip to Amazon or Best Buy and buy a pair of Airpods along with some other items. (I suggest you add LEAST 2 other items that are heavier than Airpods)
Wait a few days for your package to be delivered.
Contact support immediately after the package reaches Live Chat or Phone and tell them that your package has been delivered but Airpods are not included in the package.
They will process your return instantly or cross check with your operator and contact you within a few days.
They will not be able to say that Airpods are in the package because they are very lightweight, so they have to pay for “missing” Airpods.
Money will be processed back to your original payment method and you can enjoy your new Airpods!


Buy and buy a pair of Airpods on Amazon or Best Best.
Go to a site selling REPLICA Airpods and buy a cheap pair.
Wait for both packages to arrive, but do not remove the plastic from the REPLICA pair, as they will only allow you to return a NEW Airpod pair.
Go to your order history and select the order with Airpods and request a refund.
They will send you a shipping label to print, and then you will replace REAL Airpods with REPLICAS.
FULL refund to original payment method without question.